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The daypack's job is to carry your fleece, water & food, waterproofs and essentials like a first-aid kit, survival bag along with any general spares. If it does its job well you'll hardly know it's there.

We look at the essential features that every daysack should have, and those features that just add to the cost without any tangible benefit.

The perfect daysackPick the right daysack and you'll never know it's there

Daypack size

Firstly, the size. How big is a daypack? As is often the case, it depends! It's really a matter of how big your day is and how big your kit is.

Daypacks used to come in around 30 litres in summer and around 40 litres for winter use. Nowadays you can carry pretty much everything you need for a summer day walk or scramble in a 20 or 25-litre pack and use a 30-odd litre pack such as the North Face Casimir 32 in winter.

If you are determined to spend your day ultra lightweight then one of the new breed of hydration packs such as the CamelBak Octane LR are just the ticket.

External capacity counts

Many light packs have an adventure racing or mountain marathon heritage which means they often have external pockets for waterproofs or rapid access kit, so a relatively small rucksack may well have a much greater carrying capacity than stated.

If you're a generalist, you'll gravitate toward a compact, multipurpose load carrier like the Berghaus Freeflow 30 Daysack, a pack that fits comfortably, with clean lines and a few key features that allow you to switch sports as smoothly as you change your socks.

The trouble with choosing the perfect daypack is the number of excellent options available. When we started to build the Daysack Section of Boot Mooch we were overwhelmed by an avalanche of terrific daypacks.  Standards are high, quality is pretty consistent, and competition helps keep prices in check. A look at the attention to detail makes you wonder at the people who make this stuff!

As ever we don't believe you'll make a bad choice from our carefully selected range, so take your pick and get out there!

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