La Sportiva Ganda Guide

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La Sportiva Ganda Guide

La Sportiva

This versatile shoe is built like a rock shoe from multi piece leather and slip lasted in the forefoot to give a precise and sensitive feel when climbing and board lasted in the heel area to provide support when walking.

The Ganda Guide can be used without the provided footbed to increase sensitivity when climbing.  A lightweight PU midsole absorbs impact shock and provides cushioning for walking and the sticky Vibram sole smears and edges superbly yet provides enough grip on loose uneven terrain. Featuring the impact brake system where the lugs of the sole are oriented in opposing slanted directions to increase braking forces by 25% and decrease impact forces by 20%.  

The Ganda is unlined in the front area for a superb feel and ultimate sensitivity while the heel area is mesh lined for comfort and breathability. The long lacing bar enables you get the perfect custom fit right down to the toes and the mid height padded cuff provides cushioning and support. All together a brilliant technical mountain climbing/approach shoe.

La Sportiva

With 150 employees La Sportiva owns and operates its own leading edge factory in Italy.

Why? Because they equate quality with control and they can be sure that every piece of equipment and every pair of boots that leaves their factory is exactly what they want it to be

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