Trangia 25-1 UL Stove

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Trangia 25-1 UL Stove


The extremely practical, lightweight Trangia 25-1 UL stove and cooking set is perfect for backpackers or hikers, where every gram counts on the move. Using ultra lightweight alloy the Trangia 25 is now 21% lighter than the original version. The cooking set is suitable for groups of up to 4 people.​

Series 25 includes somewhat larger stoves suitable for groups of about 3-4 people.They are excellent family stoves with capacious pans, a wider frypan. With the supports in the raised position, the stove can be used with large billies from the rest of the Trangia range. All the stove systems in the 25 series have two saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 litres), a 22 cm frying pan, windshields (upper and lower), a burner, a pan grip and a strap. It is recommended kit for D of E.   This spirit burner stove is perfect for wild camping, D of E or a festival fry-up as this compact stove and cook set is reliable, safe and takes up minimal space in a rucksack.

The Trangia principle is simple but incredibly effective, the pan is held at the optimum distance over the spirit burner (which uses methylated spirits as fuel) inside the windshield.  The windshield protects the spirit burner from the wind but also ensures it is well ventilated which means all of the heat is directed upwards to the pan so little energy is wasted.

A Trangia windproof spirit stove also has an ecological advantage over gas stoves and multi-fuel pressure burners as its very efficient, there are no canisters to dispose of and no oily slime to clean away after use.

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