Trangia 25-5 UL Stove

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Trangia 25-5 UL Stove


The Trangia 25-5 Stove with Non-Stick Pans and Spirit Burner is a 3-4 person stove, ideal for group cooking or larger meals. Treated with a non stick coating.

The silent burner has a simple, durable and safe design. Regardless of the weather, wind and season, it is easy to light. The spirit burner takes up little space and weighs less than a gas burner. The simmer ring is used to regulate the heat, which saves fuel, and is used to extinguish the flame. In severe cold, a winter attachment can be useful. A pre-heater is placed under the burner, filled with fuel and lit to warm up the burner. 

  • 2 x non-stick saucepans (1.75 and 1.5 litres)
  • 1 x 22 cm non-stick frying pan
  • 2 x windshields (upper and lower)
  • 1 x Spirit burner
  • 1 x pan grip
  • 1 x strap.

This stove requires little to no cooking fat which makes washing up easier because nothing sticks. Ideal for those who want light packs with easy washing up. 25 Series stove with burner, pans, 22cm frying pan, pan handle, simmering ring, screw cap, upper and lower windshields.

The accompanying, reflective plate is used as a base. The Trangia stove can also run on bottled gas. The Trangia range of accessories includes a gas burner and a multi-fuel burner.

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