Vaude Taurus UL 2 Person Tent

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2 Person Tents
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Vaude Taurus UL 2 Person Tent


The Vaude Taurus UL 2 Person tent offers a comfortable sleeping area for two persons, a covered storage/cooking area and high quality materials in a total package that weighs just 1890g. Despite its minimal weight the Taurus UL is a tough tent capable of withstanding strong winds and heavy rain. The hybrid design combines the advantages of both tunnel and ridge tents to give the roomy interior and ample headroom from tunnel tents and the stability and weather beating, snow loading attributes of ridge tents.This design provides exceptional stability in bad weather and good head height at the apse so that you can actually sit up in the doorway to cook or just chill out and enjoy the view after a hard day out in the hills.

The flysheet of the Taurus is made from Vaude's own specially constructed silicone nylon. The fabric is coated on both sides with silicone to provide a high tear strength, waterproofing and high UV resistance. The UV resistance is especially important in mountain environments where the high levels of UV can seriously damage fabrics, making them brittle and fragile after prolonged exposure. The coating also helps rainwater to bead up and roll off the fabric more easily so when you come to pack up simply shake the flysheet dry to keep the packed weight to a minimum. The special silicone coating process gives the lightweight flysheet a hydrostatic head of 3000mm (the standard for waterproof is 1500mm). 

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