The North Face Base Camp Duffle Bag


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We've been using North Face duffle bags for years because they're practical, durable and emninently sensible for carrying luggage in any an all situations.

We've never managed to wear one out and yet we do need to keep buying them. Why? Because like many families ours seemed to leave with our kids... so when the good people at Outdoor Look asked us to do a review we jumped at the chance to replenish our stock!

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The North Face Base Camp Duffle Bag

We chose the medium, at 69 litres it's the equivalent of a good sized trekking pack and big enough for anything but the longest expedition. It's small enough for a weekend bag for one or two.

We do also own the 150 extra extra large which is overkill for almost everything, except a prolonged or kit heavy expedition, or maybe moving a body (we have tried using it for this with a small boy when briefly contemplating potential airfare saving... we decided against it despite the child's protestations). 

*Neither Boot Mooch nor the author recommend or endorse the movement of bodies in North Face Duffle Bags... glad we cleared that up. 

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There's no point boring you with all of the technical detail other than to say that this bag has been around a very long time and it is a very refined piece of kit with all the right things in all the right places.

It's more robust than a politicians' ego, so robust that it visibly laughs at airport baggage handlers.

It now comes in some very funky colours although we still went for black because in ten years time black is still black and funky takes on a whole new funk.

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Apart from being robust and practical it's quite a technical bag. Compression straps and strong daisy chain lashing points so that if you ever need to attach it to a yak the option is there although they're just a useful for attaching wet kit.

So, in conclusion, it's a great bag. It's not cheap to buy but it gets cheaper every year it out-survives your mate's budget alternative. If you can afford one buy one... or start a website and wait for a kind business like Outdoor Look to offer you one for review...
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